So you want to start delving into the glorious world of photography? But you don't know where to start? Well let me share with you what I did. First, I did not buy a camera. That may seem odd, but let me tell you why. A camera purchase is serious. You never want to buy one in haste or spontaneously. Consider a camera purchase as important as finding a new job. You want to do your research on what you need before you commit. I highly recommend you visit CNet to find out the latest amaxing technology on 2013 Smart phones There you will find the best reviews of any website around on digital photography. Now back to your camera search.
Because photography can be all consuming, test your photography interest on something you already have on your possession...your cell phone.  I know that may again seem odd, but if you have one of the more hi-tech cell phones, chances are you have a good beginning camera to experiment with. I have an HTC EVO 3-D cell phone. I happens to have one of the best editing effects software I have ever seen. Being able to edit on your phone before and after you take pictures, will help you become more familiar with photography in general. Make sure you learn about the various setting on your phone prior to taking pictures. There are drawbacks to cell phone camera photography because you lack many of the necessary setting you would find with traditional DSLR camera. But again, this is a great first step into the world of photography. Happy shooting!
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