I wanted to share with you some exciting new tricks to making your photos go from bland to dynamic in just a few clicks. First you have to have  Adobe Lightroom 4 (Lightroom 5 is available now in Beta). I'm sure many seasoned photographers already have this software, but for aspiring photographers, it's a must have. Lucky for you, Adobe has a 30 day free trial available. Just click here to be directed to Adobe Lightroom 4 free download.If you just purchased Adobe Lightroom 4 and don't have a clue what to do next, I highly recommend a few  websites to visit. Digital Photography School has amazing photography tips and tricks, but they also have a great library of post production tutorials. Their teaching style is simple, quick with easy to follow examples. They have  many great tutorials to master Lightroom 4.  For video tutorials, try Lynda.com. By clicking here, you can go directly to Lynda's free 7 day trial, to see for yourself. The instructors are great at breaking down  the mechanics behind post production editing. They are a bit pricey, but you can learn a lot of amazing Lightroom 4 tricks in 7 days. But now to the free stuff. One of the absolute must haves for every budding photographer is Lightroom 4 presets. What are presets? Well imagine you have to make several types of cookies for  a church bake sale, but to make each batch separately would take forever. So you decide to go to the store and buy ready-made cookie mixes. You still have to stir it up, but you can create more cookies quicker thereby saving a ton of time. Presets are ready made settings for your photographs. If you have a bunch of wedding pictures to edit for a friend, you could easily choose these pictures in batches, edit them with one or two presets and VOILA, your work is done. Of course you can still make individual  tweaks in Lightroom, but presets can make your post production photo editing so much easier. Now when you buy Lightroom 4, it does come with a basic set of presets, but for more dynamic photos, you'll want to check out the group below. If you have money to throw around, check out VCSO Film presets. They are the mother of all presets.Happy shooting!

Free Presets websites  
PresetsHeaven        Flixelpix        OnOneSoftware    Phototuts+
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