When I decided to buy a camera, it was out of sheer desperation.  I told my husband that I could no longer see the world through the eyes of a television anymore. I needed to unplug from the chatter and nonsense, and try to find something beautiful again about this world I still occupy.  Like many my age, it's probably some sort of existential midlife crisis, I'm going through.  I had spent my entire life trying to climb the corporate ladder, found some success along the way, yet paid a heavy price from that journey. I had become jaded and cynical. I couldn't remember what a flower looked like, or how a majestic mountain could render you speechless.  Every time I turned on the television, all I saw was violence, hatred and narcissism. It made me so spiritually and physically sick. But after I picked up my camera and looked through its lens, like magic it really began to change me...almost instantly.  Through that lens, I saw a world full of beauty and wonder. My camera has now become my new best friend. Through my cameras eyes all things are possible. I feel it is a window into the part of my soul that has been silent ...much much to long. I look forward to sharing my photography journey with you.I also have a young lady named Ashley Foster to thank for awakening me to beauty through a lens.  Happy shooting!
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