It seemed as if the dreariness of winter would never end. I found it very challenging, and sometimes frustrating, trying to photograph different shades of brown, even though I did create some very unique takes on the earthy color. But with spring arriving, we can officially turn the page forward to newborn blooms of color and beauty. For me, there is no better season for photography. You could say it is our "Christmas". I look forward to sharing many of my photos with you as I map out my new theme for this spring..."My pursuit of spectacular color". I intend to seek out amazing and spectacular color wherever I find it. For April, my focus will be on limited shades of the same color…almost an over saturation of the of yellows, pinks and reds etc. Many photographers enjoy over-stimulating images with an array of colors. Even though I find those images beautiful and have taken many of these types of images myself, I thought it would be more of a challenge for me to create visual stimulation with one color. I’m very excited about my journey this spring. I hope you’ll get your cameras out and join me. Feel free to send me your photos as well. I will gladly post them on my blog. Happy Shooting!
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