As I went out to find  inspiration, I couldn't help feeling a little frustrated at the lack of vibrant colors represented in the winter landscape. All I saw were shades of brown, gray and overcast white. This posed a challenge to me, because there isn't a time I don't want to photograph something. But how could I find beauty in icky old winter?
For me at least, it helps to have a wing man to go on the quest with you (in my case that would be my husband). He has a knack of finding someting unique for me to photograph even when I can't seem to find one. Also venturing out in the afternoon, right around sunset, can always be revealing.  The sun can create mystical tones and hues giving color when the landscape is lacking it. In this particular journey, we came across some very unique trees, rustic barns and rolling hills that seemed to startle us in their charm and beauty. Thanks to the sun, timing, and a wing man, you too can find something unique to shoot in the winter months.

Happy shooting!
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