What to wear and bring to your photo shoot

So you’ve booked a session with Michelle Richardson Photography and wondering what to wear? Generally in your photos you will want to stand out, but at the same time you don’t want your clothing to take the attention away from  you. When others look at your pictures you want your expressions, mannerisms and emotions to be the first thing that are noticed. And as for clothes, they should  define your style, but not be the main focus. So here are a few  tips to prepare for your big day.

What to avoid in clothing
  • Stripes or heavy patterns 
  • Solid black clothing 
  • Logos or words 
  • Super bright colors (e.g. would be fluorescents)
  • Pictures
  • Colors that clash
  • Bright red as it’s a very prominent color and it can stand out too much

What to do:

  • Dress appropriately to compliment the location – for example if you're at the park, dress in green, yellow and blue.
  • Dress in solid colors or lightly patterned
  • Wear something comfortable
  • Feel free to wear extras such as jewelery, sun glasses, hats, cowboy boots etc
  • Ladies, if you want to go for the elegant look, find a nice light, flowery or lace dress or long skirt, frilly shirt etc. On a windy day, nothing is more beautiful. Or if you want to go casual feel free to wear plain jeans and a flattering top.
  • Men, feel free to wear jeans or khakis and a nice dress shirt, or polo. 
  • If you have any young girls attending, look for the cutest dress you can find. If you have something vintage, or flowery, bring that along too.
  • Pink, pastel yellows, or lilacs always brighten any image.
  • Young boys look great in any casual wear or sports attire.

The importance of props:

Bringing  props to a photo shoot can really change the look and dynamic of your images. Besides your clothing, props can define your mood, a special occasion, or a theme you want to define, so take careful thought in deciding what to bring with you. 

  • Try to combine the outfit(s) you will wear with the props your thinking of bringing. Then take a snapshot of yourself to determine if the props will work for or against your theme.
  • Take into consideration the location of your shoot, to make sure the props are appropiate for the lighting and background.
  • If your going to be photographed in an old Victorian home, make sure the clothing and props are also vintage. Bring lace gloves, vintage umbrella, headbands, or old trunk or suitcase. 
  • If you're trying to hightlight an event, like an engagement or pending birth of a child, it might be a good idea to bring a medium size chalkboard or ready-made sign with a comment or date of signifigance on it. These props look great in a image.
  • Children might want to bring a favorite teddy bear or blanket. It not only makes them more comfortable at the shoot, but it can also bring them fond memories later on.
  • For more help and tips on what props will work for you, visit  Pinterest  and type this phrase into the search bar "photography props for children". You will get some great ideas!

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